Sunday, January 25, 2015

4 Basics Before Starting a Small Business

If you're looking for how to start a small business, please read this entry until finish. I'll share the 4 steps or basics you must have before starting a small business. If you lack one of these, you may ruin your own business.

Knowledgeable cat can sell breakfast lol

1. Knowledge
Knowledge is the king. If you have knowledge, preparation to start your own business will be easy whether you are selling products or providing services for your customer. Why your business is needed? How do you want to get knowledge as easy as possible? The answer is you must find what you're interested or experienced. For example if you were a police detective, you may start becoming a Private Investigator. You have network in Police Department and you've experienced yourself in many crime cases such as murder, rape, theft, robbery etc so knowledge about investigation is not a big problem for you.

2. Budget
Budget is crucial when you want to start your own business. Even when you want to start a small online business at the comfortable of your own house you still need to spend your money on computer, internet and electricity. Therefore to start a business you need budget. Start small so you're not running out of your budget.

3. Dare
Your knowledge and budget are not enough to start even a small business. You will not give up easily in business if you are brave enough facing risks. Are you dare enough to stand against the risk of losing in business? How do you want to prevent fear of failure in business? All or at least most of entrepreneurs in the world have felt the taste of fails in business so you are no exception. You must think positive to be successful so set your mind with this positive phrase each time you are scared of unsuccessful in your business, "Each fail make me stronger and better", "My error is just for a while", "I'll be better after each failure", "I'm immune to thousands of fails" etc (you may create your own positive phrase). Alternatively, you may listen to the song that will make your heart race and brave enough to stand against any kind of failure that might fall unto you. Personally I like "Indestructible" song from Exile.

4. Contact
What is your contact? Call? SMS? Whatsapp? Email? Yout shop's address? Your house is your office? How to let people know your contact? Example, if you want to sell breakfast at roadside, you must find a strategic place to start your business. Make sure your stall or booth can be seen from far away and customers can easily park their cars when they want to buy breakfast from you. A strategic place for your business is a great advantage to expose your contact to your customer. If you are doing online business, forget about my example because you can straight away put your contact details on your blog or website. Remember this "no contact no business".

Okay that's 4 basics before starting a small business for you. After applying all of the basics, only then you may think about your competitor, how to survive in business, how to increase your services etc. I shared this info based on my own experience starting my own small business. A big successful business comes from a small successful business so start your small business now.


  1. masih fikir2 lagi apa bisnes yang mahu dibuat

  2. Bagus kalau serius nak buat bisnes. Mungkin ambil masa 1 minggu lebih nak buat keputusan tapi jangan lama sangat nanti hilang semangat nak berniaga tu.
    Mula-mula buat list 100 bisnes yang mungkin anda boleh buat kemudian pilih 10 bisnes yang terbaik. Finally pilih 1 bisnes yang anda betul-betul berkemahiran dan minat nak buat. InsyaAllah anda akan dapat idea bisnes yang sesuai.
    Semoga berjaya!


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