Tuesday, January 20, 2015

9 Low Class Business You Shouldn't Underestimate

In this entry I would like to share 9 low class business that can be done easily in Malaysia. Why I call it low class business? Because if you do one of the business I suggested in this entry, most likely you will be despised by your own family. I have gone through it as I mention in "Berniaga Tepi Jalan" (in malay language).

Ok, here's my idea about 9 low class business you shouldn't underestimate.

1. Cleaner


Get all the cleaning tools in your house and use it for cleaning services in your residential area. You may charge per hour or per house for example RM20 per hour or RM60 per house. RM60 per house is not expensive since you have to clean the whole house including toilet and store room. If you are charging RM60 per house, you need to clean 16,667 houses to get RM1000000.

You may offer your additional service to clean the vehicle if the house owner need it. How about RM3 for motorcycle and RM6 for car? Don't charge too high since you will need the owner's water to do the car wash. Actually it's up to you about the charge for your cleaning services as long as it benefit you and your customer.

2. Lawn mower

Lawn mower
Go promote your service to your neighborhood. Charge between RM15 to RM25 depending on the size of the area you need to cut the grass. There is a technique to minimized the risk of stone scattered while you are cutting the grass. The flying small stones may scratch/break the window of your customer's car or house so use catgut string on your lawnmower machine to avoid it.

If you are charging RM15 per house, you need to provide your cutting grass service to 66,667 houses to get RM1 million.

3. Recycle item's collector

soft drink cans
Currently aluminum's price per kg is RM4 and iron's price per kg is 50 sen. Collecting recycle items is time consuming. You need to wake up early in the morning going from one dustbin to another, from one residential area to another, from the city to villages until you get a pack of 20 kg or more of aluminiums and irons.

You must collect 250,000kg of aluminiums or 2,000,000 kg of scrap irons to get RM1,000,000. Combining 125,000 kg of aluminiums and 1,000,000 kg of scrap irons total up to RM1,000,000 too.

4. Selling at roadside

Selling breakfast at roadside
This is what me and my wife doing for more than 1 year. If you are choosing this job, make sure you can work up as early as 3 o'clock in the morning. You need to be at the roadside as late as 7.00 am. If you are late even for 15 minutes, you may lose 5 or 6 customers so the earlier the better.

After some calculations, I found out if you are selling 3 pieces epok-epok for RM1 you can gain 40 cents profit. If you sell one packet of nasi lemak with one piece of size AA egg for RM2.00 you can gain 80 sen profit. You may gain more than 80 sen profit if you reduce the portion of nasi lemak with half piece of size D egg but I don't like it because my customer's satisfaction is my solution.

You need to sell 2,500,000 of epok-epok or sell 1,250,000 of nasi lemak with size AA egg to gain RM1,000,000.

5. The moving seller

ice cream seller
The seller would go from one residential area to another riding a motorcycle. There are many sellers doing business by moving from one place to another. In Malaysia, you can see motorcyclist selling fruits, putu mayam, ice cream, buns, crisps etc.

I'll take ice cream seller for example. The favorite area for ice-cream seller is school. When the student are going out from school, most of them would likely to buy ice-cream before going home.

If you get 50 sen profit from one cone of ice-cream, you need to sell 2,000,000 cones of ice-creams to gain RM1,000,000 profit.

6. The moving massager

Apek the moving massager
This kind of business is different than those who need items to sell. What you need is a knowledge to massage. Just walk around and find someone who need massage. 

I take example from "Apek tukang urut" which will provide his massage's service for RM20 per person at roadside. If he have to come at patient home for better massage services, the charge will be RM70 or more depending on the pain experienced by patient.

If you want to follow his steps, you need to massage 50,000 persons for RM20 at roadside or 14,286 persons for RM70 at their homes to get RM1,000,000.

7. Cobbler

old shoes
If you are interested on repairing or cleaning shoes, this job is for you. As a cobbler, you can do it at the comfortable of your house but you need to tell peoples in your neighborhood and peoples outside from your residential area about your services. Anyway I recommend you to find a place which are crowded with people passing by such as in front of Bank's branch.The more the merrier.

If you charge RM2 cleaning services per pair of shoes, you need to clean up 500,000 pair of shoes to get RM1,000,000.

8. Nursery

Choose this option if you love kids. You can do this job at your house. The target market for nursery job would be the working parents which need their children to be taken care. The charge for one child may be between RM20 to RM25 per day or RM300 to RM400 monthly.

If you charge RM300 per month for one child, you need to take care of 3334 children to get RM1 million.

9. Leaflets delivery

You may begin this job by sending your leaflets which provides detail about your own services. You may sent to each house in any residential area or go to any hypermarket or shopping complex to slip your leaflets on car's wiper. If you can do that activity, than you may send someone else leaflets too.

I suggest you provide your delivery service to previous 8 ideas of low class business in this entry to get more profit from them. Ask them to get more attention of their business by using your service. Most likely they will accept your offer.

For example if you are charging RM40 per 1000 copies of leaflets/flyer/pamphlet, you need to send out 25 billion copies to get RM1 million.

Okay that's 9 low class business for you. Just do it and nothing is impossible.


  1. Servis mencuci rumah dgn servis potong rumput tu paling laku rasanya. Sebabnya saya sendiri kena booking mak cik cleaner dan tukang potong rumput..klu x booking, tak boleh guna. Itu baru di Kota Bharu, tak tahulah bandar-bandar besar macam mana..

    1. Perkongsian yang menarik. Maknanya servis cuci rumah dan potong rumput ada permintaan yang tinggi.

  2. Arwah bapa mertua pernah buat part time mesin rumput. Dia kontrak 2 buah rumah seminggu. Sebulan dia dapat RM120 extra. lepas duit rokok dan minum teh. Hari biasa dia kerja Jaga

    1. Hebat arwah bapa mertua tuan. Terima kasih atas perkongsian.


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