Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UFUN Scam Investigation

Hansa Thara-bundit turned herself into to the Thailand national police yesterday. Hansa is a member of the UFUN investigation that alleges the group scammed people out of 20 billion baht.

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Mrs. Hansa is 36-years old and states that she turned herself in to demonstrate that she has no intentions of fleeing the country. Currently, the police have 6 of 12 members in custody and are pursuing the rest. The group is said to have taken out fraudulent loans and ultimately cheated the public.

Mrs. Hansa states that she did not receive money from the company and that the 500,000 baht that police have found belongs to her husband who owns a cell-phone business. Police seized the funds as well as two vehicles belonging to the couple and a safe box. Police state that the vehicles and assets seized from all members will be transferred to the Anti-Money Laundering Office.

The UFUN website is still operational with no plans of ceasing activity. The authorities state that the site will remain open to ensure that all members are able to be paid. UFUN executives have posted a YouTube video affirming that the company is not a pyramid scheme and that the police should allow the company to prove that they have no intent of cheating the public. -Thaivisa.com-

Tahun lepas ada beberapa individu yang ajak aku masuk UFUN. Mujurlah hati aku tertutup nak join Ufun masa tu. Baru-baru ni cawangan Ufun kat Thailand  dah kena serbu.

Pihak berkuasa Thailand tak nak tutup cawangan Ufun supaya mangsa-mangsa Ufun boleh tuntut gantirugi dorang. Pihak Ufun kat Thailand pun takde alasan tak dapat bayar balik apa yang dah dijanjikan pada "pelabur" atau mangsa Ufun kat sana. Ufun kat Malaysia dah kena serbu ke?

Sesiapa yang terima tawaran join Ufun lebih baik abaikan. Bazir duit je masuk Ufun. Sesiapa yang dah terlajak jadi pelabur Ufun kat Malaysia, cepat-cepatlah tuntut balik hasil pelaburan korang tu sebelum jadi perkara yang tak diingini.

UFun Scam Investigation
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